Why Is Change So Difficult?

Because shame and fear never change anything!

Working with individual clients and organizations and in my personal life I am always amazed at how often we all try to motivate ourselves through shame and fear and how shocked we are when this does not work!

In addition to our punitive internal voices, we live in a world where it is common place for the media to scare and rate us about everything!!!

Think about it. When was the last time you wanted something in your life to change? I bet your first thought went something like this, that is, if we are aware of what we are thinking.
Wow, I’m fat, broke, lonely, stuck, what the hell is WRONG with me. That feels good right?

Where did we get the idea that shaming ourselves with commands and fearing the worst outcomes will make good things happen?
Do we believe flowers, trees or clouds hang around demanding that they be different or else?

Shame and fear is all about believing we are not enough as we are. We believe we are to measure ourselves only by what we achieve and the stuff we accumulate
We need to learn that BEING is enough…..always

Real change comes from acceptance and self love. It comes when we cease to focus on the pimple in our personalities or the fat on our butt and take in the grandeur of creation that is contained within each and every one of us.

Our difficulty in changing is that we forget that for every issue there is a purpose

Anything we perceive as flaw is a window into ourselves, a lesson to learn, we are not broken.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you” Rumi

Lasting change comes, often slowly, as we learn through our bodies; as we intuit and come to understand that one of our real purposes on earth is to accept our humanity in all its flawed glory.