The Park

I was taught in Catholic school that Divine Presence was everywhere, but I was only sure of God’s whereabouts in two places.

As a little girl, my two favorite solitude spots were nature anywhere any time and church, not on Sunday.

When I could feel my back hugged by a rough barky tree, feel the sun on my face, and breathe in the color that was everywhere, I knew. As I peered through leaves and saw the luminous day or night sky, smelled the earth and heard the wind whispering, I knew.

In church during non-peak hours; when no priest or nun was lecturing or condemning me and no other adult was visible, as I sat wrapped in stillness sweetened by the glow of candlelight, and the trace scent of incense, I knew.

My body relaxed, my soul stilled, my spirit expanded, and I felt safe in the lap of creation.

In both places, I knew I was home.

As I got older I added books, music, movies and art to my alone home, but they did not speak so deeply.

Today I live in a place where if I let myself; I can always feel the closeness of Spirit. Out my window flows the Hudson River and steps away is glorious Fort Tryon Park.

No matter what is happening in our world or in my life, whenever I cross the park’s massive tree entwined stone portals I feel lighter, happier, and grateful to be alive.

My head chatter to do more, be more is quieted. Here my self is the only miracle I need. Flowing with the river, intoxicated by flowers, shaded be gracious trees, I am deeply aware of my connection to everyone and everything. I become more willing to live my life bravely.

I feel so good here. Anything I do makes me happy. I can exercise or observe kindred spirits laughing, talking, kissing, and playing music.

Sometimes I just lie in the grass and feel whole. Here I am wide open and receptive.

I dream walk, see images and hear cosmic suggestions. I’m all linked up—body, mind, heart and spirit. My self-rushes riot with ideas, bubbling from deep within; from places thought irrelevant in linear reality.

In my park, every thing is proof of the magnificence of the world. Here everyone is her and his young, innocent self.

At first light and sunset, the witching hours, there is particular magic. All things become possible.

Divine guidance and inspiration often gestate for me in this place of gifts, this nature and church of my heart and my youth.

I am home in the Universe of Oneness