Summer Walk

It was already 77 degrees at a little before 7:00 when I began my walk this morning. The air was clammy; the Hudson River was veiled with fog like a bride searching for her groom.

Thankfully, a breeze saved my fellow exercisers and me from spontaneous combustion!

Part meditation, part self-reflective therapy, my walks are central to my staying grounded and grateful.

Something wonderful happens when I walk; without any conscious effort on my part. I become lighter, more connected to myself and others. I feel more hopeful and in powerful surrender.

Like a spiritual chiropractor, the universe intervenes and aligns me with all the good stuff. It is my job to get to the park, what happens as a reward for my effort, is priceless.

What in your life allows you to feel this way? Think, relatively easy, or it won’t feel like a gift. Figure out what it is and make it a priority to give it to YOU every day. We deserve to treat ourselves well, even if it is only for a short time every day….

Something special you do for yourself every day will build your happy muscle, fill up your soul and be a gift to every one you interact with all day long.