Summer Night Sky

When I was a kid I never had much privacy. I shared a five room apartment with my parents and five younger sisters and brothers.

I needed my own space to go to so I could be alone, to think, to feel and to dream.

In the bedroom I shared with my sisters; one of the two windows was at the head of my single bed. Outside it was a fire escape. We lived on the third floor so we had all been warned that the fire escape was only a way out if there was a fire.

But I longed for quiet, solitude and a room of my own. So when the weather beckoned and I was feeling brave and everyone else was asleep, I ventured outside. Particularly in summer, as a gentle breeze lifted my hair and spirit, I loved my escape.

I have been legally blind since birth which means what most people can see 400 feet away from them needs to be 20 feet in front of me before it is clear. Now although this was a challenge for roller skating, riding a bike and other sports, I have to say, for night sky viewing I wouldn’t trade places with any one!!

It was and still is pure magic to me. Shimmering, twinkling, vast, almost liquid, I was/am transported into a world of endless possibilities.

There could be diamonds on midnight velvet just as easily as stars and planets. I imagined time and space travel. I saw ancient explorers being led by the night sky to find their way. Airplane lights enchanted me; mimicking birds and making me long for flight.

Nestled in this small wrought iron space, I began to sense the beckoning of a world much larger then my small neighborhood in Queens.

As an adult, looking up, I am always comforted by the magnitude and the depth of the night sky. I am encouraged to reach, to dream and to know that anything is possible.

We humans maybe small but we are all loved and made of stardust, so look up next time you get a chance and view the crown on your head!

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