Personal Coaching and Mastery

Personal Coaching and Mentoring will help you to identify practical ways that energetically align and clarify your desires and create wonderful changes in your life.

Listening to my clients during the past 35 years, I now offer personal coaching and guidance focused in the following areas because this is the stuff of every day life that people need and want to talk about.

Nurturing Relationships in Daily Life

Relationships are not theory; they are the practice of life, with ourselves and others

How we perceive and experience ourselves and our lives is directly connected to how we are able to give and receive in and from relationships

We begin with you because your relationship with yourself is primary; than examine ones you are concerned with

You define and experience yourself as a whole person so that you bring that transforming power into your entire life.

Money Mastery: Making Peace with Your Wallet

Money issues can feel scary and difficult; together we will lighten things up and have some fun!

How we love and respect ourselves; influences what we believe we  are “worth”.

In order to update financial competence and confidence; we will review outdated family and societal beliefs about deserving and earning which influence how you relate to money in the here and now.

We will release any emotional blocks and increase healthy ways of behaving with money; so YOU can define what true prosperity is to YOU!

Your Psychology Meets Your Astrology

Did you know that another very useful tool of self knowledge is written in the stars!?

What the sky is doing at the moment of a baby’s birth, is a ‘SKYMAP”of her/his life long path and potential.

“As above; so below”The ancients believed Astrology is the study of the stars in the heavens and was used by priestesses sailors and ordinary peopler as guides for living and finding direction and purpose in life.

Carl Jung, the master therapist, began using Astrology with his patients “In order to find a clue to the core of human psychology”

Your birth chart helps you understand how you think, feel, and how best to channel your energy

We can look at who you are attracted to and how they fit into your life; an always evolving story.

We can talk about why you are here; what is your life’s purpose and how you can generate and create the happiness and peace that you seek in this lifetime.

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What Clients Say…
“I am fortunate to have worked with such an enlightened human being.”

Telephone: 646-734-6641
Hourly Consultation Fee $200