De-Stressing for Worried Folks!

Did you know that 75% of Americans report that they feel “great stress” at lest one day a week and I’m sure that number has increased during the current Administration! So what can you do to help yourself thrive?

Pay more attention to what you have control over……YOU!!

Should you try meditation, that yoga class or a message? YES, YES & YES!

Thanks to EKG’s, MRI’s and brain mapping researches have determined what effects these techniques have on our minds and bodies. The good news, heart rates slow, brain waves calm and hormone levels balance. In as little as 30 seconds!

Don’t always have time or $$$ or the time to get to a class?


Breathing: is something our miraculous bodies do automatically. For the most benefit, focus your attention internally close your eyes and center your body. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth several times until relaxation takes over.

Meditation Shortcut: Say a three to five positive word phrase any time you want to feel focused and calm. Repetition clears our minds.

Yoga Shortcut: (1) Mountain pose: raise your arms over your head and breathe deeply. Your posture and balance will improve. (2) Forward bend from your waist will stretch your back and legs, rests the heart and relaxes mind and body.

Massage Shortcut: Role a tennis ball under your foot or where ever you are holding tension. Massage and pull gently on your ears and fingers; your body will release tension and your immune system will thank you.

Meet with friends: Making eye contact and chatting with someone you like/love causes the same positive physiological changes that a massage does!

Belly Laugh: When we laugh our bodies immediately produce oxytocin; the love and happiness hormone which lowers cortisol, the stress hormone and blood pressure instantly. The physical act itself creates the de-stressing effect. Keep a comedy CD handy and your funniest friend on speed-dial.

Sing Out: Belting your favorite tunes is better for you then just listening to them. Choir members got a 240% boost in immunoglobulin, a disease-fighting protein. Note to self: suffering through a song you dislike spikes your stress level!

Be Grateful: Exercising gratitude daily results in higher levels of alertness and enthusiasm. It’s impossible to be grateful and stressed-out at the same time. Make a mental list of your blessings, just doing that will soothe you.

Snack on: Anti-stress fiery treats like chili peppers or salsa and chips. Research has found that eating spicy foods releases stressed-out mood busting endorphins. And of course for melting stress…. my personal favorite; organic dark chocolate!

By focusing more attention on the link between our bodies, minds, spirits and feelings, we can give ourselves more peace on a daily basis. We all need and deserve to take gentle good care of ourselves!!!!