Corporate Programs

Wellness and Work/Life Balance services that add value for both employer and employee. Programs are designed to help you and your staff generate and create healthy, happy and more productive work and personal lives

Programs to fit your organizational need.

Wellness and Work/Life Balance

  • Stress Reduction and How to have More Fun!
  • Meditation for Relaxation and Clarity
  • Managing Change for Success in Work and Life
  • Collaborative Relationships at Work and Home
  • Enhanced Communication Skills
  • Money Management in Work and at Home
  • Healthy Habits for a Lifetime
  • Astrology and Self-Care

All programs are customized and can be presented to assorted staff levels and group sizes.

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What Clients Say…
“Mary Fitzpatrick and Limitless Horizons were just what we were looking for in consultants: smart, honest, reliable and big picture focused.
They understand the customer service edge a well trained,
diverse work force could give our company.

Telephone: 646-734-6641
Hourly Consultation Fee $200