A Shift in Perspective; Election 2012

What needs to change and how do we get it?

I am longing for a miracle, a real shift that would propel lasting change in our collective human psyche.

I intend to keep my heart open and my mind expansive no matter what happens. I want this for all of us in the world……why not want and dream BIG??? I refuse to focus on the smallness of political debate and believe we are all as beloved children of the universe; we are ment to have more than the fear and crumbs we are being tossed.

I’m talking about a tangible shift in consciousness; an energy that would wake us all up to the possibility of peace and prosperity for every single one of us living now and to come.

I want a world in which all of us have enough food to eat, a warm and safe place to love and live, good wellness care and help if we get sick. And when we go to sleep at night; none of us are afraid of violence during the night or in the morning when we wake up.

I want a world where it is considered matter of fact to equally consider our own and other peoples’ needs.

I want a world that develops social policy based on the latest DNA research findings that conclude we all have 99.9% of the same genetic make-up. No matter where we come from or what we look like, we really are one family!

I want a world we can all feel proud of; glad we were here and did what we did and happy to pass it on to our children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews when we go.

I want to live in a world where to want these things and to believe we can ALL have them is as American as apple pie.

What do you want??